2nd November 2020

Ready to engage a Building Designer in Newcastle for your 2021 Project?

While many have experienced changes to their living arrangements in 2020, 2021 proposes lots of potential as we ease into a new way of living. Our esteemed clientele has found themselves working from home, learning from home and shifting into a new age of work-life balance. If there is a positive to take from a global pandemic, this is it.

To facilitate this shift, we have been engaged by our clients to help them reconfigure, remodel and add on to their homes as they yearn for more space, home offices and a renewed appreciation of their home. We do this with ease as a leading building designer in Newcastle.

When you engage our services for remodels and home additions in Newcastle, we approach your project as if we were designing our own home. We understand the investment and the importance of getting it right. Hence why we deliver unique design solutions to families who desire homes that facilitate their individual needs now and into the future.   

We understand that engaging a new home designer in Newcastle can be daunting. If you are looking to engage a new home or building designer in Newcastle, The Rubix Collective can help you develop your ideas and deliver them to you in a comprehensive 3D design format.