About The Rubix Collective

1. Inform

We support and give you the opportunity to learn about design, construction and the application process by being open, understanding and uncondescending.

2. Inspire

We want our contribution to our client’s lives and society to be great, but as importantly, we want our contribution to act as a catalyst for greatness. We can move you to find joy, satisfaction, artistic appreciation, excellence and a better life through our architecture.

3. Improve

The goal of all our projects is to tailor your new home or adapt an existing home into a fine-tuned machine in-sync with your lifestyle and future. It should allow present life to be easier and more enjoyable, not impede imminent life changes, and allow you to commence those previously “one-day” dreams.

logoIcon-1   Our Vision

We are all trapped between the desire and fear of unpredictability. We seek innovation, development, improvement and progression which can only be found in the adventure of the unknown and uncertain. Simultaneously, we want the peace, safety and sanctuary that can be found in appropriate predictability.

The Rubix Collective is all about satisfying their clients by giving them both of these worlds.

To seek this outcome is our primary focus. In everything we ask ourselves: what can we make predictable, and what can we make unpredictable, to create the best story in everything we do.

If it can be measured, our predictability lies in its perfection. Service, systems, quality, attention to detail, promises. The unwavering result is dependable and trustworthy, for if we don’t hold faultlessness as our standard every time, we are not predictable. These are the concepts represented by the grey horizontal lines in our company logo.

Our logo’s colourful weave represents our methods, our inspiration, our ideas, our designs; those things that lie in the realm of the unpredictable. Where chaos is used, shaped and manipulated to smash down barriers and hit the soul.

When we deliver a measured dose of unpredictability and predictability, we are rewarded with very happy clients, extremely proud of their modernist or contemporary homes.